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Our Advocacy Work

BCCOP advocates for patients to have fair and adequate access to treatment options. Please read below for our advocacy work.

BCCOP collaborates with Osteoporosis Canada on Pharmacare Advocacy

British Columbians who have been assessed at a high risk of fracture do not have any publicly funded options. Those with fractures must meet stricter criteria than other Canadians to receive other treatment options.  Learn more about what you can do.

BCCOP collaborates with MedAccess and GI Society

A groundbreaking analysis shedding light on the concerning inequity in British Columbia’s public drug plan. The findings underscore that BC not only allocates the least per capita but also provides coverage for fewer prescription medicines compared with all other provinces in Canada. See Report here, as well as video below

BCCOP working together with Osteoporosis Canada (OC) and Medicines Access Coalition – BC (MedAccessBC) for improved access to anti-fracture therapy in BC

Dr. Kendler voices concerns with the Therapeutics Initiative

Dr. Kendler publishes article in the BC Medical Journal in 2018, voicing concerns with the Therapeutics Initiative

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